Corona Times

The Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra – Hatikva

Noam Buchman
, our ex-principal flautist had embarked on a new tradition for these unusual times, when people stay at home and the people stay at home. Playing Music in Corona Times serves as a way for us to make you feel through music, even if we are not there physically, and to keep in touch. From now on, and however long it may take, we will be sending you musical greetings from our players.

Stay safe,
Management of the JSO

Noam Buchman,

Dear audience, Dear friends,

Like the rest of Israel and the rest of the world, we have all stopped. We had to stop doing what we know doing all of the sudden. Creating music. Touching souls.

But even in these troubled times, the muses will not be silent.  They rush and gush quietly within each one of us, waiting for the right moment to emerge.

Playing gives me hope and strength, looking ahead towards the re-opening of the world and of the concert hall.

Looking forward to see you soon at the concert hall, 



Vitaly Remeniuk and Yevgeny Voskoboynikov,


Michael Bialobroda


Meirav and Na’ama Askayo, Marimba, 26.3.20

Janna Gandelman, violin, 28.3.20

Rotem Barten and Yael Tevet, flute

Ifat Zur
(horn) and Boris Bendikov (trumpet)

Oleg Stolpner
(cello), Marina Fadin (horn) and Vitaly Remaniuk (violin), 30.3.20

Anya Duolova
, violin, 1.4.20

Eitan Reich, Alex Osipenko, Eran Borovich, double bass, 2.4.20
Neil Hefti – Splankt
Arranged by Adam Tartzoyan
Video editing and design – Alex Lapiner


Michael Dressler
, oboe, 2.4.20


Omri Blau, Marimba, 3.4.20

Vitaly Remeniuk and Lihi Shoham, violins, 3.4.20

Michael Bialobroda, cello, 4.4.20