General Information

The Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra is one of the cultural pillars of the city of Jerusalem.

The JSO was established before the birth of the state of Israel, and has been a cultural and musical anchor, with a rich reputation and history intertwined with the history of Israel and its capital, ever since. Many a generation have been listening, and listen still, to the unique sounds of the orchestra – by attending its concerts and by listening to it on the radio – on ‘Kol Israel’ (The Voice of Israel) and on the European Broadcasting Union (EBU).

Through the ages, there were successors to the Levites, the musicians and singers who took part in the religious ceremonies of the First and Second Temples. The JSO sees itself as continuing this tradition. Its repertoire is a mosaic of musical styles and genres: Classical music, Jewish music, Israeli music, Liturgical music, family programmes and special concerts. We see our playing as a national mission and aim to realize it as such.

All along the way, kind people who have acknowledged the importance of such a quality and professional institution have been supporting the orchestra, with the aim of promoting and making an impact on cultural and educational projects in Israel and abroad.