General Information

By subscribing to the JSO you are also eligible for these benefits



  • Special Reduced Prices for Pensioners and Renewing Subscribers
  • Special Discounts are available through Workers’ Union – Details at the Box Office
  • Payable in as many as Four Instalments, with No Interest
  • Discounts on Special Concerts
  • Purchase of a Subscription to More than One Series Entitles the Subscriber to a 5% Discount on the Less Expensive Series.
  • A 10% Discount at the Theater Cafe and on Books at the Jerusalem Theater Bookshop
  • Tickets and Subscriptions Can be Purchased in the Form of an Elegant Gift Package
  • Please Note: Multiple Discounts are Not Permitted
  • Invite a Fellow Subscriber and Receive a Special Benefit.

    For Further Details Please Contact our Box Office.