Friday April 19 | 11:30
The Henry Crown Symphony Hall, Jerusalem Theater
Concert length
An hour
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Signature Works – Beethoven is All Out!

On the personal credo of the composer and the performer, and on how they leave their mark through their work.


A program that introduces listeners to Beethoven through his leading signature pieces for orchestra and soloists, including magical solo moments and chamber music. These works bring the listener to a surprising encounter with the DNA of the composer, the values of humanism he conveyed through sounds, and his uncompromising insistence on “going all the way” according to which he lived his whole life.

An All-Beethoven programme – with Roit Feldenkreis (conductor), Orit Wolf (editor, narrator and soloist: piano), Karin Schifrin (soprano), Janna Gandelman (violin) and Talia Erdal (cello).


With caricature artist and painter Itzik Swissa and choreographer and dancer Miriam Engel in a unique stage experience!



Roit Feldenkreis, conductor
Orit Wolf, editor, narrator and soloist (piano)
Karin Schifrin, soprano
Janna Gandelman, violin
Talia Erdal, cello


Miriam Engel, choreographer and dancer

Itzik Swissa, caricature artist and painter


BeethovenCoriolan Overture
Beethoven – Romance No. 2 in F Major, for Violin and Orchestra
Beethoven – Triple Concerto for Violin, Cello and Piano
Beethoven‘s Moonlight Sonata meets Zehava Ben‘s ‘Tipat Mazal
– Excerpts from Symphony No. 5