Friday November 17 | 11:30
The Henry Crown Symphony Hall, Jerusalem Theater
Concert length
Approx. an hour
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A Breath of Fresh Air - Free admission upon registration

We invite the families of the Gaza Envelope and the Northern Israel who have been evacuated to Jerusalem and the people of Jerusalem to a musical soul healing break. ❤️

Free admission upon registration


Roni Porat (conductor and narrator) and Oded Tamasoot (singer and soloist, guitar) in a concert featuring Schubert‘s Symphony 8, Unfinished, Beethoven‘s Egmont‘s Overture, Pavane for a Dying Princess by Ravel, the Overture ro Mascagni‘s Cavaleria Rusticana, Clair de Lune, the 3rd mvt. from Suite Bergamasque and by Debussy as well as songs by The Beatles.


A chance to take a pause, to breathe, to listen to the best and the most comforting ‘News’ ever to come of the warm hearts of the some of the most talented human beings in history. A chance to relax for an hour, to wonder somewhere else, to cuddle in the womb of music, who never did no evil – only granduer and healing.


We are with you ❤️





Roni Porat, conductor and narrator
Oded Tamasoot, singer and soloist (guitar)



Schubert – Symphony 8, Unfinished
Beethoven Egmont: Overture
Ravel Pavane for a Dying Princess 

MascagniCavaleria Rusticana: Overture 
Debussy Clair de Lune, the 3rd mvt. from Suite Bergamasque
Songs by The Beatles