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The Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra
The 86th Season

Julian Rachlin, Music Director

Dear audience, we invite you to choose your own open subscription and enjoy a variety of dozens of concerts in Jerusalem. Classical concerts, Operas, special concerts, festivals, family concerts, Jewish Music
all in an open subscription where you get to pick your most convenient time to enjoy our concerts.


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The Classical Series


We invite you to get to know Maestro Julian Rachlin and be introduced to his artistic world. In his first season as Music Director of the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, Maestro Rachlin has designed the classical series in his own image: a series of uncompromising quality, in which performers from the elite avenues of the music world will appear alongside promising young Israeli talents.

Come and experience superb classical works in our veteran and beloved flagship series!


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Opera at the JSO


The JSO’s opera series offers an intriguing cross-section of the field. The series this year will bring you several captivating masterpieces, spanning different periods in the history of opera.  These works will be performed by some of the most outstanding performers in the world, together with exceptional young, local talents.


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Explorations in Music

Conducted and musically directed by Maestro Leon Botstein


In the upcoming season Maestro Botstein will conduct three concerts, each dedicated to a different theme. The first concert will deal with a question that has occupied composers and musicians since the 19th century - if notes are not words, how can music tell a story just with sounds? The second concert will present the daring face of Mahler's work, with the Seventh Symphony, the most personal and experimental of his symphonies.  The third concert will look at the successful integration of Jewish composers, second generation Eastern European immigrants, into the mainstream of American culture.


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And on the Sixth Day…

A series of moderated concerts

Human Values

A series of moderated concerts, each of which centers around a theme or “connecting thread”. Maestro Roni Porat has put together a series of interesting concerts for you that look at deep questions and the really important things in life, connecting music with history, psychology, art, society and politics.

The series is created, edited, moderated and conducted by Roni Porat.
All concerts start at 11:00


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Chamber Concerts

At the Mormon University


Chamber music holds a special place for Maestro Rachlin and a central place in his artistic work. Throughout the year Rachlin will host special guests alongside leading musicians of the JSO in a series of four intimate concerts.

All concerts begin at 20:00

Free admission upon registration
Book your seats here: https://byu.smarticket.co.il


BYU Jerusalem Center
1 Hadassah Lampel St., Jerusalem
For details: [email protected]


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Classic Fun

The Family Series


Family concerts with the JSO and conductor Roni Porat
Series co-editor and director: Yarden Bar Kochba

Four Concerts | 17:00 | The Henry Crown Hall


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A New Series

Sing-along with the Orchestra


Featuring the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Eldad Shrem

Especially for lovers of singing and Israeli songs, we are proud to present a new series that will take the experience of the time-honored sing-along (shira betzibur) into new realms. Many of these classic songs were originally recorded by the Voice of Israel orchestra. In the series, we will restore the sing-along to its former glory and pay tribute to the greats of Israeli song in three unforgettable evenings.


The series includes three shows

Thursdays 20:00 | Henry Crown Hall


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The Golden Series

Moving Concerts with Works by the Greatest Composers


JSO is happy to present the finest symphonic repertoire to the those who have reached the golden years. Conductor Roni Porat will talk and converse about the pieces, the composers and everything in between.

Featuring young musicians from Ha-Sadna Conservatory Jerusalem, and The JAMD Conservatory

All concerts begin at 11a.m


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The Jewish Music Series

In collaboration with the Jerusalem Municipality


The Jerusalem Symphony is proud to present a series dedicated to the lovers of Jewish religious.


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Special Concerts


The JSO’s concert season is full of interesting guests, special projects and collaborations with cultural bodies and festivals. This year includes the return of our collaboration with the MustonenFest festival as well as several orchestral arrangements of chamber works, including Death and the Maiden by Schubert and Tango Sensations by Piazzolla, arranged for Orchestra.


So go through the list, mark the dates on your calendar that particularly intrigue you, and we look forward to seeing you at our special concerts.


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Concerts in Tel-Aviv


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Concerts in Haifa


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Purchase a Subscription or call 1-700-70-4000


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