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Nice to meet You - Family Series

Created by Guy Feder and Noa Priel
Conducted and presented by Guy Feder
Noa Priel, texts and dramaturgy
All concerts begin at 5:00 p.m.
Hello, nice to meet you! We are the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra.
We invite you to get to know us better. We would like to introduce you to the language of music and to discover how it can create new worlds. You are invited to hear and see the different musical instruments, get to know our players and their instruments, and of course to come to all the concerts in the new series that were especially prepared for us by Guy and Noa.
"It starts at about 5 p.m.
From somewhere the voice of sound
pops up
And immediately two more sounds
chime in ...
... So we said you will come at dusk
And you are invited to the concert here ..."
From Nathan Alterman's "The Book of the Street Organ"

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Concerts in this Series
November 26

Nice to meet you: Meet the orchestra

Our first meeting! Meet the orchestra and listen to works by Mozart, Beethoven, Bach and Britten
December 23

Genesis: An encounter with the percussion instruments

Join us on a heart throbbing tour of the percussion instruments. We will witness a duel of percussionists and their wands - until the very last beat!
February 10

Breathing Stories: An encounter with the Woodwind Instruments

The woodwinds connect to us through the very first thing we do in life - we breathe. Many stories, across many cultures, relate to the link between the soul, breath and the sound of breathing; for this reason, they were chosen to express the deepest stories of human spirit. Let's listen together to the stories they whisper to us. Featuring storyteller and media person Jacky Levy and Veronica Barry (recorder). The concert will feature works by Mendelssohn, Vivaldi, Debussy, Prokofiev and more.
March 11

The Grand Show of the String boys and the Bow Girls

With guitarist Amit Yeshayahu and actress Tamar Amit-Joseph, we will get to know the string instruments, which are the heart of any orchestra in a huge variety of sounds and compositions, and play The concert will feature works by Bach, Pachelbel, Copland, Bartók, Sami Kheshaiboun and more.
May 20

The Great Party A Spectacular Fiesta Starring JSO's Brass Instruments

You are invited to attend a particularly loud season finale with Tamar Amit-Joseph (actress) and Yaniv Ben-Hur (trumpet) - and works by Handel, Weber, Anderson, The Blues Brothers and more.