Dr. Michael Damian

Born in Romania, Dr. Michael Damian studied at the Bucharest Music Academy where he completed his MA in composition and conducing. Shortly after he immigrated to Israel in 1983 he was admitted as a member both of the Israeli Composers League and of ACUM. His works have been performed in Israel and abroad, including performances in Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Russia and the USA. Damian received the Clairmont Composition Award in 1985, the Prime Minister award in 2004, the ACUM award in 2011 and the Mark Kopytman award in 2013.
In 2002 Damian received his PhD in musicology and composition from the Bar Ilan University. Subsequently he was invited to give lectures and talks in various locations across the country.
Damian in also an experienced conductor, who has led the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, IBA, the Haifa Symphony Orchestra and various ensembles in Israel and abroad. Of his many performances conducting Israeli works, several have been recorded by IBA’s Kol Ha’Musica station and received critical acclaim.