Series and Subscriptions

A subscription is the ideal way to experience the musical year: each one of our series consists of several concerts spread across the entire concert season, which stretches from September to July. Our series are diverse, and complement each other to account for various musical tastes and preferences. The series were tailored so as to color your musical year in rich and moving timbers, and each series has its own distinctive nature. Which series suits your musical preferences? Additionally, our subscribers gain an assortment of benefits. See details at the bottom of the page.
Purchase a Subscription or call 1-700-70-4000

special subscription

Purchase a Subscription or call 1-700-70-4000


  • Special reduced prices for pensioners and renewing subscribers
  • Special discounts are available through workers’ union – details at the box office
  • Payable in as many as four installments, with no interest
  • Discounts on special concerts
  • Purchase of a subscription to more than one series entitles the subscriber to a 5% discount on the less expensive series.
  • A 10% discount at the Theater Cafe and on books at the Jerusalem Theater bookshop
  • Tickets and subscriptions can be purchased in the form of an elegant gift package
  • Please Note: multiple discounts are not permitted