An announcement by the JSO's CEO, Mr. Yair Stern, regarding the closing of the IBA

May 10, 2017

An announcement by the JSO’s CEO, Mr. Yair Stern, regarding the closing of the IBA

An announcement by the JSO

Yesterday we were informed, in a surprising and abrupt manner, that the Israel Broadcast Authority is to be shut down immediately. The announcement came as a shock to the employees of the IBA, the JSO's musicians, employees and members of the board of directors.

The Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra was an integral part of The Kol Israel and The Israel Broadcast Authority. Since the JSO was founded in 1938, and up until a week ago, thousands of its concerts were broadcast, live and pre-recorded, over the Radio.

The JSO is celebrating its 80th anniversary next season.

We feel the pain of our colleagues at the IBA whose work came to a halt and face an uncertain future. We shall, however, continue to carry the name The Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, IBA with pride, and to perform our concerts, even if fewer will be broadcast on the new Israeli Broadcast Corporation.