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Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra

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How to Purchase a subscription?

That's easy. There is a multi-line telephone for your convenience: 1-700-70-4000
All concerts begin at 20:00 unless stated otherwise. Family concerts begin at 17:00.
  • Last's season's seats will be helf for renewing subscrivers until 10.7.2012
  • Seats will not be reserved for subscribers of the Family Concert series
  • New subscribers will be allocated seats after 10.7.12 on a first-come, first-served basis
  • For "open" subscriptions, concerts of the Vocal series and some selected concerts may require additional payment
  • Tickets for the Pupils and Young People (up to 30)/Student Subscriptions are conditioned on availability
  • For further details please contact the box office

    We offer the following benefits to our subscribers:
  • Special reduced prices for pensioners and renewing subscribers
  • Special discounts are available through unions - details at the box office
  • Up to four payments without interest
  • Discounts on special concerts
  • Purchasing a subscription for more tham one series entitles one to a 5% discount on the less expensive series among them
  • 10% discount at the Theater Cafe and on books at the Jerusalem Theater bookshop
  • Tickets and subscriptions can be purchaed in the form of an elegant gift package
  • Please note: no double discounts will be permitted

    Concert locations:

  Jerusalem, at the Henry Crown Auditorium, The Jerusalem Theatre; Tel-Aviv, at the Opera House,  The Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center; Herzliyah, at the Performing Arts Center

All concerts start at 20:00 unless indicated otherwise

Exchange of Tickets

Dear subscribers, here are the procedures regarding ticket cancellation or exchange. Please read very carefully so as to avoid any misunderstanding:

  • Unused tickets from the 2011-12 Concert Season will be valid up till 31 December 2012. They can be exchanged on the day of the concert
  • Tickets can be cancelled up till 13:00 of the day of the concert by phone, or:
  • Tickets can be cancelled at the Box Ofice; a voucher will be given for the cancelled ticket.
  • Exchange of tickets between series entails a certain payment (details at the box office)
  • Reconstructing subscription cards is with charge
  • No cash refund for cancelled tickets
  • Subscribers may change one of their tickets for theater shows at the Jerusalem Theatre. Further are availble at the box office

    The management of the JSO reserves the right to make changes

    The Jerualem Symphony Orchestra, IBA
    Henry Crown Auditorium
    Henry Chopin 5
    POB 4640
    Jerusalem 91040

    Orchestra box office: 1-700-70-4000
    Box office fax: 02-5611499

Price Table - The 2012/13 Season

Series New
- Hall
- Balcony
Pensioners/ Renewing
- Hall
Pensioners/ Renewing
- Gallery
Single Ticket - Hall Single Ticket - Balcony
The Classical Series
10 concerts
1175 NIS 975 NIS 940 NIS 775 NIS 175 NIS  155 NIS 
Mini Classical
6 concerts
650 NIS 585 NIS 520 NIS 470 NIS  175 NIS 155 NIS  
The Popular Classical Series 
10 concerts
1150 NIS 1035 NIS 920 NIS 830 NIS  165 NIS 135 NIS 
The Mini Popular Series
5 concerts
575 NIS 520 NIS 460 NIS 420 NIS 165 NIS  135 NIS 
The Vocal Series
6 concerts
900 NIS 810 NIS 720 NIS 650 NIS  180 NIS 144 NIS 
Open Subscription
6 concerts (Jerusalem only)
975 NIS 875 NIS 780 NIS 700 NIS  175 NIS 155 NIS 
Open Subscription
4 concerts (Jerusalem only)
650 NIS 585 NIS 520 NIS 470 NIS 140 NIS 112 NIS
The Family Concerts
5 concerts
425 NIS 375 NIS 340 NIS 300 NIS 100 NIS   75 NIS
The Shohat-Nahari series
5 concerts
575 NIS 520 NIS 460 NIS 420 NIS 140 NIS  112 NIS 
The Beethoven Series
6 concerts
775 NIS 700 NIS 620 NIS 560 NIS 175 NIS 155 NIS
The Cantorial Series  Details at our box office
School Pupul Subscription
6 concerts (Jerusalem only)
 120 NIS          
School and Young People Subscription 220 NIS