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Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra

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How to Purchase a Subscription?
That’s easy. There is a multi-line switchboard for your convenience: 1-700-70-4000

•    Last season’s seats will be held for renewing subscribers until 10.6.2016
•    Seats will not be held for subscribers to the Family Concert Series – seats for this series will be allocated on a first-come-first served basis
•    New subscribers will be allocated seats after 10.7.2016 based on availability
•    Additional payment is required for Special Concerts
•    The School Pupil Subscription and the Student/Young Person Subscription (valid up to the age of 30) are based on availability on the day of the concert.
•    For further details please contact the box office.

Our subscribers enjoy these benefits:

•    Special reduced prices for pensioners and renewing subscribers
•    Special discounts are available through the unions - details at the box office
•    Payable in as many as four installments, with no interest
•    Discounts on special concerts
•    Purchase of a subscription to more than one series entitles the subscriber to a 5% discount on
the less expensive series.
•    A 10% discount at the Theater Cafe and on books at the Jerusalem Theater bookshop
•    Tickets and subscriptions can be purchased in the form of an elegant gift package
•    Please Note: multiple discounts are not permitted

Concert locations:
Henry Crown Auditorium, the Jerusalem Theater; Tel-Aviv: The Opera House, Tel–Aviv Performing Arts Center; Herzliya: The Herzliya Performing Arts Center

All concerts start at 20:00 unless indicated otherwise.

We reserve the right to make changes

Ticket Cancellation or Change:

Please read very carefully so as to avoid any misunderstanding:
•    Unused tickets from the 2014-2015 Concert Season will be valid until 31 December 2015. They can be exchanged on the day of the concert
•    Tickets may be cancelled by phone until 1:00 p.m on the day of the concert
•    Tickets may be cancelled at the Box Office in exchange for a voucher
•    Cash will be refunded only during the 14 days following purchase
•    Ticket exchanges between series entails additional payment (details at the box office)
•    A fee is charged for the replacement of lost, stolen or destroyed subscription cards
•    Subscribers may exchange one of their tickets for a stage performance at the Jerusalem Theatre (Further details are available at the box office).

The Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, IBA
Henry Crown Auditorium, 5 Chopin St., POB 4640, Jerusalem 91040

Email: | Orchestra box office: 1-700-70-4000 | Box office fax: 02-5611499

Price Table - The 2015/16 Season

Series New
- Hall
- Balcony
Pensioners/ Renewing
- Hall
Pensioners/ Renewing
- Gallery
Single Ticket - Hall Single Ticket - Balcony
The Classical Series
10 concerts
1175 NIS 975 NIS 940 NIS 775 NIS 175 NIS  155 NIS 
The Mini Classical Series
6 concerts
750 NIS 675 NIS 600 NIS 540 NIS  175 NIS 155 NIS  
The Mini Classical Series
4 concerts
500 NIS 450 NIS 400 NIS 360 NIS  175 NIS  155 NIS
The Vocal Series
7 concerts
1050 NIS 945 NIS 840 NIS 750 NIS  180 NIS 145 NIS 
The Popular Series
8 Concerts
910 NIS 820 NIS 730 NIS 660 NIS 165 NIS 135 NIS
The Family Concerts Series
5 Concerts
425 NIS 375 NIS 340 NIS 300 NIS 100 NIS 80 NIS
The Highlights Series
4 concerts (tickets in this series are non-exchangeable)
480 NIS 430 NIS 380 NIS 340 NIS ----- -----
Open Subscription
6 concerts
900 NIS 810 NIS 720 NIS 650 NIS  ----- -----
School Pupul Subscription
6 concerts (Jerusalem only)
 120 NIS          
School and Young People Subscription 220 NIS